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Both the Federal and the State government are supporting the increase of qualifications and training for all eligible Australians via the Victorian State Government Skills First program.

Eligible* individuals who wish to gain qualifications or upgrade their skills are able to access this funding assistance to cover almost all of the cost of their study*. This assistance is provided in Victoria via the ‘Victorian Training Guarantee’ program.

Employers are offered Federal Government assistance to train their staff using Apprenticeships or Traineeships. Employed staff can gain a qualification or upgrade their current qualifications by entering a Traineeship agreement with their Employer. will provide the qualification training at no cost to the Trainee.

‘Fee For Service’ programs are also available to all those who wish to study with but who are not eligible for funding assistance.

Call us for information about our various funding options or learn more in ‘Nuts & Bolts’ below.

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