Educating Skills For Life

Completing Short Courses, Vocational Qualifications or undertaking study in any topic of interest to you is a great opportunity for personal growth.

This opportunity is available any time throughout your life, and will help with your career, your earning potential, your knowledge, skills, social interaction… the benefits of education are endless!

Current Courses

  • Counselling
  • Disability
  • Mental Health
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Transition Education
  • Work Education
  • Adult Literacy and Numeracy
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Nutrition
  • Budgeting
  • Goal Setting
  • Generational Management
  • Professional Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Leading and Influencing Performance
  • Grow Your Own Money Tree
  • Custom Designed Programs
  • Coffee Making
  • Silver Service
  • Front of House Service
  • Staff Management
  • Custom Designed Programs

Don't Sweat It

We'll fill in all the details

The first step toward your future is here now. Tell us what you are interested in and we will contact you to help you get started on your journey.

Blended Learning

We offer easy and flexible access to education programs.

Blended and Distance Learning programs make continuing education accessible to everyone, whether it's gaining a qualification or learning new skills, there is no limit!

Course funding

Government funding is also available for our courses.

Both the Federal and the State government are supporting the increase of training and qualifications for all eligible Australians.