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Fee For Service

Fee for Service payments mean the participant pays directly for their course fees charged for their enrolment in a qualification or course .

(Eligible students may pay indirectly for a qualification using a loan facility under a VET Student Loan available for eligible courses see VET Student Loan Funding)

A Direct payment may be from the student’s own resources, by a loan from a financial institution or via a direct debit Payment Plan offered by Course Fee and Charges includes any Tuition Fees , Amenities Fees , Cost of Materials, or any Books or Resources fees.

Course fees are up to date at time of publication but may be subject to change dependent on Victorian State and Commonwealth funding changes , on current pricing and on the individual student circumstances at the time of enrolment.

Fee Definitions

  • A Tuition Fee is the fee required for entry into a qualification or course and covers all training delivery.
  • An Enrolment Fee/Deposit may be required to secure a place if the enrolment is to be paid as Fee For Service. This Enrolment Fee will form part of payment of the total Course Fees payment. does not collect any fees in advance of $1500.00 for any courses.
  • An Amenities Fee covers environmental facilities e.g. library charges, lockers etc . , any charges for activities e.g. site visits , and additional services provided to the student e.g. student counselling, rental advice . (These amenities fees are not related to Practical Placement or Workplace Training) .
  • Materials Fee may be charged for additional course materials such as resources, handouts and text materials.
  • Additional Fees may occur when some courses require materials such as equipment , or protective clothing, tools of trade etc

These fees are generally shown on the Course Fees page of each qualification. If there any additional fees for a particular course this will be identified and explained at the time of enrolment and all charges listed for the participant


Eligibility for Concessions will lower the cost of your Tuition Fee. Concession Fees are set and you will no more than the set concession fee for your course in a calendar year. If you enrol in different courses in a calendar year, the tuition fees will be calculated independently for each course. Concession are available to those who can provide evidence of one of the following concessions:

  • Commonwealth Health Care Card holders plus their dependent children and dependent spouses
  • Pensioner Concession Card holders plus their dependent children and dependent spouses
  • Veteran’s Gold Card holders (but not their dependents).
  • Self – identify as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent (concession includes Diploma level and above courses.).

There is NO concession fee for Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses, nor is there a concession fee if your fees are being paid in full by a Commonwealth Government agency or as part of a Commonwealth Government Program.

Note: Other Ancillary Charges that may occur are listed in our Student Handbook, available on o u r website and also shown below –

Outline of Ancillary Charges
All requests for copies of an official receipt/tax invoice, specifying payment amount and date of payment (one original copy) no charge
Early assessment of course completion
current hourly rate
of assesso
Re -assessment of NYC units
current hourly rate
of assessor
All requests for copies of an official results certificate (one original copy free)
All requests for copies of a letter of completion (one original copy free)
All requests for Statements of Attainment (one original copy free)

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